Why Black Mirror's new episode "Loch Henry" has frightened me

The new season of Black Mirror, a popular anthology TV Series, was released on 15 June on Netflix. It became a trending topic on Twitter and people started binge-watching the episodes madly . As soon as I found time to watch, I viewed the first two episodes.

Loch Henry was written by Charlie Brooker and directed by Sam Miller.

Here is the story:

The episode kicks off with a couple, Davis and Pia, who want to make a crime documentary about a precious egg thief going to Scotland where David's mother lives. His mother, Janet, lives in a town in rural Scotland.

Davis and Pia go for a stroll outside. Pia is amazed by the gorgeous landscapes and realizes that there are no tourists although the town and the surroundings are great. Davis explains why it is so. In the past, there was a murderer named Loch Henry who kidnapped and tormented more than seven honeymooning couples. In the end, when the police found him, he murdered himself and his parents. After this is revealed, people did not come there. Pia is shocked.

After Pia becomes aware of the horrible story, wants to change their documentary project. She wants to make a documentary about this horrifying story. At first, David does not want to do this because there was a link between his father's death and this story. David's father was local police who try to catch and Loch Henry led to his father's death. Pia insisted to David about this documentary and finally, he accepted.

They got tapes to write on from David's mother's tape collection. Also, the tapes are about a crime documentary. They went to the crime scene, a bunker under a house that was probably built for the Second World War. They found torment traces on the floor and on the walls. They recorded them with their camera and headed back to their house. While they are on the way, they had a car accident, which is not fatal. David went to the hospital and Pia went to David's house to review the records.

While she was watching the records they captured, David's mother is preparing dinner. At the end of the tape she watched, there was a horrible scene that had been written previously. David's mother and father were too accompanied by Loch Henry. His father was taking the camera, while his mother, wearing a red mask, tormented the couple with Henry. She lost her mind as soon as she saw this horrible record. She wanted to report it to David but there was no mobile signal.

She had to have dinner with his mother. She went downstairs to eat but she has deep fears about her lover's mother as she was a psychopath murderer. She decided to escape from the house. She lied to Janet saying to go to the restroom, she escaped from the house. Janet realized she had escaped, but it didn't make sense until she saw herself on the monitor of the computer upstairs. Janet took the road to find Pia to kill but she did not find her. While Pia is escaping, she fell into the stream and hit her head on a rock and died.

Janet decided to commit suicide. Janet presented the evidence of all the torments they inflicted for her son's documentary and killed herself.

In the end, we see that David produced his documentary about Loch Henry with details including his mother and father that were revealed later. Additionally, David won a lot of awards.

The most intense scene

The scene in which Pia watches the scary video was really intense for me. I held my breath as I hoped she would manage to escape from the house. However, my relief quickly turned to shock when I learned that she died shortly after getting away. It was a truly heart-wrenching moment that left me feeling unsettled.

I strongly recommend everyone who is considering watching this episode. You can watch it on Netflix.